Sharon E Hohler is the third daughter of a hard working farm family striving to achieve the American dream. As the youngest, I recognize that I was blessed that profits from my dad raising ponies on the family’s cattle farm paid for my nursing education. I have been a registered nurse since 1973.

After twenty years of working, marriage and child rearing, I returned to college and attained my Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree in 2000. During school, I recognized I like writing term papers, patient care plans and the like. What could I do with this love for writing? I joined a writers group, Heartland Writers Guild. I learned and wrote articles which were published in peer-reviewed nursing magazines beginning in 2004. When three of my articles were published, I had met the membership requirement and joined the Missouri Writers Guild. I have learned much from both organizations and continue as a member of both.

I have written two books published by McFarland & Co., Inc. Thirteen articles I have written have been published and (one more accepted for publication) by nursing magazines. You can find my published works in the Published books and Published articles sections. I have been blogging regularly about health and wellness topics (over 860 posts) since 2011 at http://livingthehealthylifewehavechoices.blogspot.com/

Currently I have become a content marketing freelancer. I write about travel, health and wellness topics such as men's health, women's health and health tips including diet and wellness topics. I am knowledgeable, organized and a stickler for meeting deadlines.

In my personal life, I function as wife, mother and grandmother. My husband and I enjoy watching the bluebird family who lives in our back yard and traveling the world.


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